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Here at Reign Entertainment, we are Professional DJs and Wedding DJ Tampa. DJ'ing & Entertaining is what we absolutely love to do. We spend countless hours prepping for our upcoming events to assure the perfect layout for our clients. Every package we offer includes DJ and entertainment for the entire length of the event. There are no additional charges or hidden fees.

  What sets Reign Entertainment apart from other Tampa DJs, Wedding DJ Tampa & DJ Services in the Bay area is the amount of effort that we put into every event. All of our events are secured by a written contract to ensure the quality and protection of our clients. We make sure every event is flawless. We go above and beyond to help in any way to make sure your event is fun and memorable. Our digital equipment is always new and up to date. Our setup is sleek, clean, and modern.  Our vast knowledge of music and our ability to read any type of crowd lets us play the right songs at the right time. 

 You are not looking for someone to just play music at your event. You are looking for a host and an event coordinator. We are not just your Tampa DJs, Wedding DJ Tampa & DJ Services. We are your host for your entire event. We coordinate with you and the other vendors to ensure a perfect outcome.

 We create the atmosphere and keep the flow going smoothly. Our DJ's and Wedding DJs are energetic, with personality and style. Our DJ's and Wedding DJs are knowledgeable and experienced in what they do and know what is needed to be done to create a memorable event. With over 700 events to date, that experience gives us the tools to know what needs to be done and at what time to do it. We can read the crowd and types of guests at your event. We know the best times to do the special dances and what song to be played. We know after talking with you and planning your event what you want to happen and see that it gets accomplished. 

Wedding DJ Tampa | Wedding DJ | Wedding Party | Dancing
Wedding DJ Tampa | Wedding DJ | Wedding Party | Dancing

Founder & Owner

DJ Kevin Reign, Owner of Reign Entertainment was born and raised in New Port Richey, FL. He grew up listening to all kinds of music. He remembers sitting in front of the TV when the first video came on MTV (Video Killed The Radio Star). He would sneak his father's reel to reels and 8 track tapes and play them for hours before getting caught, but he still continued doing it. He got his first DJ job at Congress Skating Center in New Port Richey, Fl. From that point on he was hooked. He then knew it was in his blood and music was his life. He started his own mobile DJ and Wedding DJ Tampa business, Reign Entertainment over 20 years ago.

Kevin Reign | DJ Tampa | Wedding DJ Tampa
Kevin Reign | DJ Tampa | Wedding DJ Tampa